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Families today face complicated legal issues earlier generations couldn’t have imagined. The families our Dallas divorce lawyers serve come to McClure Law Group with legal issues ranging from a straightforward pre-marital agreement for a newly-engaged couple wisely planning for the future to prominent business leaders or athletes exploring complex divorce and custody options out of the public eye.

Selecting a lawyer with the right experience and resources to achieve the best outcome for your specific family law concerns is paramount to your confidence as you begin the process of mediation or litigation.

When your case warrants litigation, McClure Law Group’s trial experience matters. Equally at ease in courtrooms from Denton to Dubai, California to New York, and across Texas, McClure Law Group attorneys are tenacious advocates for the outcome you seek.

Board certification is the most predictive qualification of an attorney’s breadth of knowledge in a field of law. Of more than 70,000 licensed attorneys in Texas, only 7000 are board certified. Kelly McClure was admitted to the Family Law Board of Certification in 1995 – a specialization with fewer than 800 certified attorneys – and has been a leading proponent of the Collaborative Law movement in Texas throughout her 25-year career. Robert Epstein became Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2014

Ms. McClure’s passion for today’s substantive family law issues is shared by the exceptionally skilled partners, attorneys, and legal professionals at McClure Law Group. The firm’s office is designed to facilitate the collaborative law process for divorcing parties who are committed to negotiate and resolve their family concerns outside the courtroom.

The practice areas of our Dallas divorce attorneys include:

McClure Law Group is prepared to help you explore your options in reference to any family law matter. Our team of experienced attorneys provides a caring and compassionate environment to bring resolution to your family’s legal issues.

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Client Reviews
Thank you for all your diligent assistance and advice throughout the process of establishing a fair and bright future for my daughter and I. Best wishes to you all. A.W.
Robert, thank you for all your efforts! I feel so supported. M.M.
I really can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. The million phone calls and emails I have sent Robert and the patience in which you have taken to explain everything to me and my family. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. A.H.
Thank you so very much for all you did for me over the last several months. I have had the most relaxing last couple weeks in a very long while. I appreciate you very much! M.B.
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