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Kelly McClure, Family Law Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2005, is an avid proponent and leader of the Collaborative Law movement, a revolutionary, constructive process that keeps the family – as well as the intimate details of its inner workings – out of the courtroom, providing for the utmost discretion during a divorce.

Collaborative Practice, including Collaborative Law and interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce, is an alternative dispute method which focuses on creating a safe environment for the parties to express, negotiate and resolve conflict without going to court. The process utilizes informal discovery, such as the voluntary exchange of documents and the engagement of agreed upon neutral experts and other collaborative professionals.  

The Dallas collaborative divorce lawyer team at McClure Law Group incorporates all of the models developed since the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals developed Collaborative Law ideas in the 1980s and commenced in the State of Texas in 2000.

The Collaborative Law approach offers couples facing divorce the following advantages:

  • Helps families agree on the fair division of all personal and business assets without the destructive resource drain that can occur in drawn-out litigation.
  • Limits hostile communications, avoiding toxic damage to fragile family relationships for a more positive foundation to restructure family connections following the divorce.
  • Allows constructive consideration of out-of-the-box solutions that can increase the share of assets each party gains by reducing the costs spent on reaching an agreement.
  • Often concludes cases quickly and efficiently in accordance with the client's schedule, reducing the impact on personal and work obligations.
  • Protects privacy, relieving the pressure to divulge personal issues to justify frequent absences common in long court battles.
  • Provides a process that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances. 

While a marriage may be ending, the Collaborative Law process recognizes that relationships and obligations often continue for a lifetime – especially when children are involved. Collaborative Law allows partners to come to agreements that keep each party’s individual and mutual goals in view. This method helps all families work constructively toward a positive future and put past conflicts behind them.

Kelly McClure, and the Dallas collaborative divorce attorneys at the McClure Law Group work tirelessly with clients to bring resolution to the new configuration of their family relationship. By engaging a team of unbiased experts in finance, tax, appraisers, wellness, psychology and parenting to coach the family, the McClure Law Group uses open and respectful communication to resolve disputes with reduced financial and emotional stress. Family law cases in Texas also often include issues involving other areas of law. Oil and gas experts, estate and probate lawyers, and insurance professionals, for example, can provide critical information to divorcing couples and complete the Collaborative team.

If, however, Collaborative Law is not an option and litigation is necessary, McClure Law Group’s high-energy, tough, no-nonsense demeanor and dynamic presence make them a powerhouse in the courtroom.

We encourage you to explore these Collaborative Law resources as you consider whether the process is right for your family:

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Thank you for all your diligent assistance and advice throughout the process of establishing a fair and bright future for my daughter and I. Best wishes to you all. A.W.
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I really can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. The million phone calls and emails I have sent Robert and the patience in which you have taken to explain everything to me and my family. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. A.H.
Thank you so very much for all you did for me over the last several months. I have had the most relaxing last couple weeks in a very long while. I appreciate you very much! M.B.
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